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Booking & Appointments

Initial Visit - 60-75 minute intake & consultation

All patients require an initial visit before any treatment can be provided, including acupuncture. 

Upon booking, you will be sent a booking confirmation and welcome email,

which includes a Login link to the electronic records online portal. 

How to prepare for your first visit

1. Complete intake & consent forms in the online portal

2. Obtain any recent laboratory or other relevant health records, and bring them to your visit.

3. If you're unable to document your medications and supplements on the intake form, please bring these.

4. Get ready to discover your path to better health!

What to expect in your visits

Dr. Nicole practices patient-centered care, to ensure that your experience and health outcomes meet your expectations. To accomplish this, we will have a thorough discussion of your primary concerns, overall health, and any associated health factors. Physical exams, laboratory testing, and other assessments may also be incorporated into your visits.

Your first visit will typically be the most in-depth, with a second 45-minute visit to go over your Comprehensive Care Plan. The remainder of follow-ups are generally shorter and focused on more specific goals and concerns, and based on ideal timelines to meet your goals.


Virtual visits

Virtual appointments are available for both initial consults and follow-ups. They are convenient for those located anywhere in Ontario, with busy schedules, difficulty leaving home, or simply for convenience.

Virtual consults are ideally by video, but phone consults are also an option, via a platform that is compliant with Canadian health privacy laws.  The nature of virtual visits sometimes limits the ability to conduct a thorough assessment, such as the need for physical exams.  In this case, a recommendation for in-person visit or referral to another healthcare provider may be made.


All other details are the same as for in-person visits.

Please make sure you are in a private space, able to avoid distractions (such as driving) during the visit, and have a stable internet connection.  The platform works best on Chrome browsers.

How to pay for services

Payment is accepted by debit or credit card, and will be billed by the clinic after your visit.

Appointments are covered by most extended health benefit plans - but please check with your provider for details about your coverage.  We do not do direct billing at this time.

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The Tranquil Minds Anxiety Program

Anxiety is more than just an emotional response - it involves altered physiological functioning in response to stress. This program was built to help you understand your experience of anxiety - the triggers & underlying causes - and implement the foundations of a calm mind and body.

The program is offered as 1:1 naturopathic visit & online modules

and/or as a naturopathic group program. Whichever format suits your needs.

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