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The Tranquil Minds Collective

A 12-week online program to support your journey to recovering from anxiety.

The path to recovering from Anxiety 

needs a plan, support, & connection.

The Tranquil Minds Collective is just that.


Hi! I’m Dr. Nicole DeYonge ND

Tranquil Minds Naturopath

I help people with anxiety create calmer lives. 

You are probably here right now because stress & anxiety have taken over your life. 

You may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure how to start feeling better

Your emotions - fear, guilt, moods - are all over the place.

You're depleted - exhausted, can't think clearly or focus, maybe not sleeping well.

You don’t feel like your authentic self.

You feel like you’re losing your connection with your friends. 

You're struggling with your performance and confidence in your career.

You don’t have the energy and focus for your family.

And the stress is affecting your body. Your stomach feels like it’s squirming, your head aches, and your libido is nowhere to be seen.


I know because I’ve been there, and so have MANY other people. And I want you to think about something...

What if it wasn’t like this?

What if you could clear away anxious thoughts and feelings in minutes?

Think of all the time you would be getting back into your life.

What would it be like if your mind was clear and your emotions were balanced?

How much could you get done in a day?

What if you felt confident in your decisions, relationships, and purpose in life - as your authentic self.

How would that impact your functioning and quality of life?

What if you felt an inner sense of peace and calm that allows you to take on any situation, no matter how chaotic, and still feel confident and resilient?

That's why we're offering the Tranquil Minds Collective

Each week we go through the pillars of the Tranquil Minds program to create the foundations and CALM you need to be more in control of your thoughts & health. A Collective means you get the chance to connect with others going through similar experiences to support and encourage you along the way.

& Ongoing Listening, Support & Encouragement

What’s Included?

Module 1

Success Set Up

In the first week of the program we lay down the foundation for TRANSFORMATION. First we will develop clarity around WHY you are making these changes in your life. Then we will TAKE STOCK of your current tools and traps. Also we start developing practices that help you listen to your own voice so you can move through the rest of the program and make changes that are authentic to the life you want.

Module 2

Nourish Your Brain (and Body)

In this week we will go into detail around what foods your brain needs to be nourished and calm. Most of us know what we are “supposed to eat” so we will also be discussing WHY this becomes challenging and HOW to overcome common dietary obstacles.

Module 3

Joyful Movement

This week is all about discovering how to make exercise THE BEST PART of your week - even if you HATE exercise. Learn the differences between Yin and Yang exercise and when to use them to keep your mood BALANCED.

Module 4

Minding Your Moments

In this module we will cover an introduction to mindfulness. A lot people hear mindful meditation and think they have to become a monk. This couldn’t be further from the truth, mindfulness is truly an ancient solution to a modern problem. This module will cover formal mindfulness (like meditations) and also more casual ways to bring mindfulness into your life (that still make a huge difference).

Module 5

Serene Sleep

This week is all about hitting the reset button on your sleep. Anxiety makes it hard to fall asleep, but not sleeping makes you more emotional. This week the focus is on breaking the cycle of sleep and anxiety and building restorative sleep habits.

Module 6

Connection & Maintaining your CALM

This week, it’s about connecting to yourself, to who you are and your purpose. Because when you are connected in this way, and you are making decisions from a place of connection and self confidence, there is a level of calm and peacefulness that can’t otherwise be matched. We also reflect on the progress you've made with the program and set you up for successfully maintaining your habits on trajectory for further growth and healing. 

I know you're ready for this next step...

But I know you are also wondering...

How is the course actually delivered?

This is a program initially developed for working with patients one-on-one in my naturopathic practice. In order to make it more accessible and provide the BONUS support, accountability, and encouragement of others going through similar challenges - we are now offering it as a group program. It is available to ANYONE, patients or non-patients, as it an educational program. There are 6 two-week modules, and each module includes TWO pre-recorded video lessons you can watch whenever it is convenient for you (20-30 minutes per week), and a 1 hour group connection call every other week. The total time commitment is about 1 hour per week, plus time to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes. But don't worry - we keep it simple and effective so you don't feel more overwhelmed.

What if all this is totally new to me?

That’s why we created this course. So many people with anxiety just had no idea that what they were eating had anything to do with their mood. Before I started naturopathic medical school I had never heard of mindfulness. But I know these things now and they keep me (and my patients) sane. I want to save you the trouble of researching each thing on it’s own, and feeling overwhelmed in the process of taking it all on - which is why we’re offering this program with clear strategies and support.

What if I do some of this stuff already?

That’s awesome! Each one of the themes of this program is a pillar and everyone is going to have different areas of strength, things they are either already good at, have some kind of previous knowledge about or just take to really easily. This is great because not all of the pillars are a strength for each person. You can focus your efforts on building up the skills you don’t have yet, and optimize the things you are already doing. We also discuss the why behind things - to help keep you motivated and empowered in your health. 

What happens after the 6 modules are over?

Most people are confident with the skills they have learned and they graduate and move on. You will have ongoing access to the recorded videos and the workbook to come back to those parts of the program if/when you need to. Many people also want ongoing support - I can help you sort that out at the end of the program. 

What kind of additional costs should I expect?

This program has no required supplements, books, apps or memberships. That being said, you are going to be making changes in your life and that may impact where you spend your money. Rest assured there are options for every budget. Some people might decide to buy books or subscriptions to gyms or apps. Others will check out things from the library and use the great resource of YouTube. Either way I will help you find the resources you need.

I've done the Tranquil Minds Program already - can I join the group?

Did you complete the program? If not - yes - I specifically had you in mind when I was making this. If you did complete it - I’m going to say… maybe. This program is designed based on Tranquil Minds Program - there is no new content specifically, although each time I teach it I incorporate updated information and research. What is new, is the experience. If you are looking to up level your self care inside community - this absolutely may be the place for you! Book a discovery call to talk more about this and see if it’s the right thing for you. 


Can we deal with my other concerns in the group appointments?

One of the things I love about naturopathic medicine is the ability to address your health holistically - not just one concern per appointment. That being said, we do loose some of that flexibility in a group because each appointment has a theme. Can we talk about other things that are impacting the theme - of course! On sleep week - we can absolutely talk about your dog that is keeping you up, or if you need to be screened for sleep apnea! We can talk about hip pain if that is what is keeping you up. We cannot, however, get into details about the new heart medication your doctor prescribed. So while we have some flexibility, we may not be able to deal with other concerns as they come up 

How will you protect my privacy in a group setting?

Your privacy is important to me. I have taken many steps to respect the sensitivity of your information.  Any information personal to you, will be shared only by you in the group session. It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the confidentiality of information shared in the group. Participation in the group requires an additional consent form. 


What if I don’t want to do a group visit?

No problem! I still offer the Tranquil Minds program 1:1 for patients in Ontario. You can book your Tranquil Minds Initial Visit HEREIf you're not sure what the best option is for you, or you have more questions, Book a Discovery Call.

Ready for your path to
recovering from anxiety?

All the knowledge & empowerment of the Tranquil Minds program but with the connection, motivation, and support of a group.

We cannot guarantee a specific result from taking this program, but anxiety scores have been reduced by up to 50% in 12 weeks with the Tranquil Minds program.

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