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Stress & Brain Health

Building resilience & reducing total body burden.


Mental, physical, and environmental stress is a key component of quality of life and long term health. There are many ways to reduce these stressors, minimize the impact on your body, and revitalize your health.   These sources of stress include food quality and ingredients, home and cosmetic products, mental-emotional health, & work-life balance. 



Naturopathic treatments to address stress and brain health are selected based unique physiology and goals.  They help with:

  • mediating the acute and chronic responses to cortisol (your stress hormone)

  • improving sleep quanitity & quality so you feel refreshed to take on life's daily challenges

  • optimizing nutrition and digestion so your brain and adrenal glands get the ingredients they need to work properly

  • reducing neuroinflammation, often associated with mood disorders and pain conditions. 

  • promoting healthy balance of neurotransmitters & neuropathways. 

Mental health and body health are not distinct - they are beautifully intertwined; and like anything else, require balance. 

Learning, Memory & Brain Fog

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Depression & Anxiety

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Cognitive Decline

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